Abandoned Hot Spring

My introduction to urban exploration in Japan came in November of last year when I was lucky enough to be invited to tag along with Florian, the man behind the outstanding Abandoned Kansai blog, as he revisited two locations to the south of Osaka.

We were already on a bus winding its way into darkly wooded hills when my guide told me our first destination – an abandoned onsen he cheefully referred to as ‘the deathtrap’.


Entering through an unboarded second floor window, we passed through a heavily vandalised tatami room and down some rickety stairs, past a bathroom that has collapsed into a sheer, three storey drop into a corridor of what must have been guest rooms.


On the next floor we found a small kitchen and sunken reception area.  Items were strewn everywhere, many of them still intact.  I had to climb down a completely gutted staircase and through a hole in the wall to get to the baths underneath.


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